About us

The concept

Established in 2016, CornerParisien.ch is the first Swiss online store with a French creative team. Our goal is to highlight the French touch in a digital interface. We propose new products every month in order to offer our customers a wide choice. At Corner Parisien, we have the cares of the details :

Your orders are prepared with love and refinement, great importance is given to the preparation of your packages and the development of packaging that is intended as a showcase for happiness. Offer you our selections, but also tell you our story, we share our experiences and show you behind the scenes of Corner Parisien.

Stay tuned, great projects are coming!

The creator

Arrived in Switzerland three years ago, Elsa is a real Parisian. Raised up in the world of fashion, she has only one thing in mind, build her world and discover another vision of fashion. Its niche : to have fun without breaking the bank. After moving to Switzerland, and a bank early career, Elsa decided to write her own story and tell to many people. That's how born Corner Parisien : a personal need and a desire to discover something else.

The team

The team consists of many different profiles, but united by a common denominator: people who loves the spirit startups and who believe in what they do. Our obsession is the happiness of our customers, and our greatest satisfaction is to imagine our clients open their packages with a big smile and their eyes in wonder. We have all the cares of the details, the quest for perfection.

Since August 2017, Corner Parisien has expanded and now has a team based in London to better satisfy our European customers! Your satisfaction is our priority.

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